OfficeCalendar for Microsoft Outlook

OfficeCalendar for Microsoft Outlook is an easy-to-use software application designed for sharing Microsoft Outlook information between colleagues and coworkers. OfficeCalendar is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server, which is considered to be too expensive and complex for many small to mid-sized businesses. With OfficeCalendar, coworkers can share their Microsoft Outlook calendars, email, contacts and tasks; create group calendars; and control OfficeCalendarís comprehensive sharing security; all from within their own copy of Outlook.

OfficeCalendar features and benefits

Share Microsoft Outlook Calendars with colleagues
Create interactive Outlook group calendars for easy group scheduling
Share Microsoft Outlook Email folders with colleagues
Share Microsoft Outlook Contacts with colleagues
Share Microsoft Outlook Tasks with colleagues
Use OfficeCalendar offline and/or synchronize over the Internet
Define individual Outlook sharing security for each user
Access your Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks in a web browser from anywhere at anytime using OfficeCalendar Online
Synchronize PDAs with your personal Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks
Inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server
Easy installation on practically any Windows-based network, even without a dedicated server


Share your Microsoft Outlook information with confidence

With OfficeCalendar, sharing your Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact and task information is made simple. After installing and configuring the program on your Windows-based network, OfficeCalendar will create sub-folders for each person sharing their Outlook information with your. These sub-folders appear under each of your coordinating Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks folders. Simply click on another userís sub-folder to view their Calendar, Contacts or Tasks. Microsoft Outlook email sharing works using your Outlook's Send/Receive function and you choose who to share your Outlook email folders with and what type of security access they have (read, write and/or delete). Comprehensive security settings control each individual user, which guarantees that users can only access the folders that they are supposed to see.

Share Microsoft Outlook Email folders

Share your Microsoft Outlook email folders with colleagues using OfficeCalendar as well. OfficeCalendar uses your Outlook's Send/Receive function to synchronize shared email folders. Security remains in place with email folder sharing, as you choose who you want to share your email folders with and what level of access they have (read, write and/or delete).

Access your Outlook folders online

Outlook web access is easy with OfficeCalendar Online, an additional feature of OfficeCalendar. Access your personal and shared Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks online using your web browser from anywhere or at anytime, just as like you see them in your copy of Microsoft Outlook.

Easy group scheduling with interactive group calendars

Group scheduling is hassle-free and easy with OfficeCalendarís Outlook group calendars. Create an unlimited number of interactive group calendars, where you control who is included in the group calendars and who can access them so security is never compromised. Establish a big group calendar with all usersí appointments incorporated into a single calendar, or create multiple customized group calendars that only included selected usersí appointments, or both. OfficeCalendarís group calendars feature leaves the decisions up to you.

An inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server

Small to mid-sized organizations frequently find that Microsoft Exchange is too expensive for their budgets as well as too difficult to install and maintain. OfficeCalendar is an affordable solution to Exchange because it is easy to install and maintain yourself, and no additional hardware or software is required. All you need to start sharing your Microsoft Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks is a copy of Microsoft Outlook!

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Take control of your
email attachments in
Required : Outlook 2000 (SP3),
Outlook 2002 (XP),
Outlook 2003 and/or
Outlook 2007
Version : 1.0
Date : 09/07/2005
Cost : Free
Now, you don't need
Exchange Server to share Outlook calendars with others in your office
Share Outlook calendars, email, contacts and tasks
Control who sees what with security
Outlook web access to calendars, contacts and tasks
Exchange Server and PhD not required! Works with Outlook 2000 through 2007
Easy to use, effective, affordable
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